A LIttle About Us
Just a little about us!

We have been involved with Golden Retrievers for over 25+ years, Showing in the Breed ring and Obedience.  We have also done some limited field work.

We enjoy the breed ,and its wonderful personality  and Intelligence. They are such giving and loving dogs.

We are a small kennel and like it that way ,it gives us time for all our dogs to play with and enjoy each personality.

We are members of the GRCA(Golden Retriever Club of America), Founding members of Northern Flyway Golden Retriever Club, and  Lifetime members Winnegamie all Breed dog club. We have owned or have bred dogs with conformation, obedience, agility, hunting and other various titles, and most importantly, we also have working service dogs and foundation stock for a service dog organization.

Tom is a AKC Judge and judges Golden Retreivers.

We live in the Northern  Midwest part of the United States (Wisconsin) where we have several season changes for our kids . Spring with cool air and flowers budding,  Summer's that are hot and humid, Fall with cool air and colored leaves, and Winter where the weather can be mild or severe ,snow can be deep 10-12 inches or into 3-5 feet. With Temperatures from -10F to 40F

Enjoy the site and see our dogs .

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.  If we do not have puppies we would still be more than happy to help you find a wonderful puppy from other breeders. Please feel free to contact us.

Tom & Mary Schulz
Fremont,WI 54940
(920) 867-4960

Breeding is not for beginners.
It is as hard to do well as it is easy to do. Until you can satisfy the requirements that the serious hobby breeder should meet, you will be doing the breed an injustice if you have a litter of puppies.
(Please visit the GRCA, if you are looking to become a breeder.)